The Downstream: Reimagining Water exhibition took place in the Concourse Gallery, March 6th – 14th. The opening reception was March 7th at 7pm.

The show featured works by a wide range of artists who approach water with an equally varied perspective. The artists in Downstream explore our perceptions of watery systems and take a look at how our interactions with this substance shape and change us. We are in perpetual collaboration with water and in this exhibition that collaboration takes on the form of play, biology, interdependence, ecology, place, spirituality as well as voyage.

Sheinagh Anderson
Micaela Baer
Neil Chung
Caitlyn Connors
Alyssa Dusevic
Jennifer Hagel
Maegan Harbridge
Peter Holmes
Julia Hong
Basia Irland
Maria Lantin
Nathalie Lavoie
Jennifer Martin
Caroline Mousseau
Fabiola Nabil Naguib
Alex Phillips
William Phong-Ly
Emile Rubino
David Roth
Diana Lynn Thompson
Marika Swan
Gu Xiong

Opening night performance by Dana Tizya-Tramm.

Thank you to those of you who helped this exhibition come into fruition,
Jeneen Frei Njootli
Curatorial Coordinator
Rita Wong
Project Coordinator